Things with Legends

" is not just paper, ink, and glue. It is the possibility of a whole new life."
– Christopher Morley.

Art and Design Services

Drawing. Painting. Graphic Design. Typography. Illustration

Services for business. Gift certificates, vouchers. Design, creation and production Our services of art and design are intended both for private persons and for business. We can create products by hand (painting, drawing, calligraphy, jewelry, paper goods, ceramic, wool, textile) and digital (graphic design, layout design, illustration, writing texts). We also share our knowledge and organize drawing and painting lessons, various workshops and events.

• What can we do for YOUR BUSINESS?
We can create a conception, a logo, a business card, a meniu, identity. We can also make gift certificates, vouchers, greeting cards, envelopes, advertisements, banners, flyers, books, corporate gifts.

• What can we create for YOU AND YOUR HOME?
We make by order various kinds of creative things: artworks, paintings, portraits, tattoo scatches, tattoo design and illustration, amulets and talismans, one-of-a-kind jewelry, ceramic, interior details, festivity decoration, wedding, baptism, birthday and other party decor, invitations. cards, envelopes, gifts, personal books.

Concept Store

Gifts. Cards. Invitations. Jewelry. Amulets. Artworks

Wedding invitations. Gifts. Talisman. Agate. Artwork with quote We trade author's products, which have their own symbolism, legends, meaning. Some of them are one of a kind, other – limited edition. All these handmade things are made precisely. We use what is natural, high quality, luxurious.

There is a special place for FESTIVITY, especially WEDDING FAVORS AND STATIONERY in our concept store. We are 10 years old! We make stylish, modern wedding and festivity invitations, decorative, personalized envelopes, place cards, sitting plans, meniu, artworks for fingerprints, greeting cards, gifts. All these can be personalized by your special order.

We have things, which are created to DECORATE YOUR PROSINESS. Artworks, portraits, interior details, jewelry, amulets, talismans. And if you want to cause joy for other people, we will package those special things as a wonderful GIFT, attach a card with a beautiful text, envelope and send there, where they will be received with a smile in a face.