About us

Everything begins from a white color and dreams... We draw joy. We paint harmony. We invest in happiness and create miracles.

I.J.K. Design Gallery – values, which remains.

Our story began in the 8th year of the third millenium. It was a long-matured idea. Every its detail was created by hands, growed in the subtlest world wisdom gardens and cherished by sunny minds and light dreams. It was important, that every product would become special, would have its own legend, symbolic meaning, reaching old times, and could change contemporary prosiness in a stylish and essential way.
We believe in things warmth, meaningfulness, wisdom of the ancient, symbolic power, and subtle energy. We are searching for legends, we immerse in them. We create objects that bear the legends themselves, in this way changing the world. No matter, how you name them: happiness bearers, amulets, talismans or simply souvenirs. It is important that they will infuse shine your life, not only outside.

I.J.K. Design Gallery opened the door on the 2nd of June 2008. The founder is an ambitious artist and an entrepreneur, Irena Jadelo-Katarske. I.J.K. Design Gallery is a concept store and a studio of art and design services. You can purchase here a unique thing, an original gift, an artwork, a personal portrait, interior decor details, invitations and festivity decorations, order graphic design services for your business.

An individual business activity is administered since the 2nd of June 2008, under the certificate Nr. 375678, registered in Lithuanian State Tax Inspectorate.

Irena Jadelo-Katarske

Creator, esotericist, mentor

"A Renaissance human" – you can hear characterization, when someone is talking about a fully talented woman, Irena Jadelo-Katarske. From an early age gifted both in arts, in exant sciences and in the humanities, awarded in various areas, finally she chose art as a fundamental activity of life. Her experience in art reaches 1996. Keen on heritage of Ancient cultures and the most fashionable contemporary trends, she is continually improving, searching, finding, creating. After all real art is not just a beauty. It is mystery alchemy, deep knowledge, philosophical thinking and the ability to touch invisible...


2016-05-24 Draw a Dot
2015-02-11 ZW.lt
2012-11 TRIBE, International Creative Arts Magazine
2008-12-18 Laisvalaikis


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