Shopping Guide

"You are never given a dream without also being given the power to make it true." - Richard Bach.


Choose products (services) in our E-STORE.
Fill in the PURCHASE ORDER FORM (do not forget to write codes or names of products in it).

Texts for printing, requiring to execute the order, must be presented accurately, without mistakes, the proper format, and delivered in the Purchase Order Form on the day of order, unless otherwise agreed. If you would like to change a font, write the number of font.
Texts should be written in a specific language characters (e.g. in Lithuanian texts must be Lithuanian letters, in Russian texts must be used the Cyrillic alphabet). We do not correct mistakes.
Guest lists must be presented separately, numbered , in a regular singular case, with the title ("Dear", etc.). If the text is slightly different to each other (e.g. to change a few words in the plural to the singular), and these changes are small, they can be specified in parentheses after names of guests.

If necessary, you can send additional information ( PDF, DOC, JPG, PNG) via e-mail:


After completing the Purchase Order Form, we will generate and send you the Invoice.
If necessary, we will contact you to clarify details.

• Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer) in EUR (€),
• Paypal – only for countries, which are not in the European economic zone.

Attention: You must pay all additional fees for your bank, related with payment!

Please, inform us in the Purchase Order Form, if you make a bank transfer payment from a country, which is not in the European economic zone, because there is an additional order administration fee, which will be included to your Invoice.


Products will be sent not later than the date specified in the Purchase Order Form (in the Purchase Order Form you can specify your preferred date by which the products should be produced).

You will get a tracking code of your parcel.

Parcels can be delivered in Lithuania, if minimum total of shopping cart is 19 € (delivery charge not included).
Parcels can be delivered to other countries, if minimum total of shopping cart is 39 € (delivery charge not included).

To the nearest post office Lithuania 3-4 working days* 3,29 €
Courier Lithuania 1-2 working days* 5,89 €
Shipping abroad (via post) Europe 1-2 weeks* 9,99 €
Shipping abroad (via post) Other countries 2-6 weeks* 9,99 €
*IMPORTANT: Shipping time depends on post office and courier services quality (more information: and