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Handmade things for your home and unique gifts made by an artist-designer

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We create little artworks, gifts and interior decor details. Sculptures, interior toys and decorations are made from natural wool, silk, clay, paper, wood. Our goodies are perfect gifts for wedding, baptism, birthday, baby shower party, St. Valentine's day, anniversary. It also could be an original packaging for such gifts as money and certificates.

Panda bear. Interios toy. Woolen felted. Gift


Product code: 385m.
Merino wool. Needle felted. Handmade.
Symbols: panda.

Price: 299,00 €

Gift, birds of love and wisdom, lovebirds, woolen, felted, birds in a box, souvenir, toy, interior decor, wedding, money

„Birds of Love and Wisdom“

Product code: 386m.
Wool. Needle felted. Handmade.
Symbols: bird.

Price: 99,00 €

Balancing stones, relax, from Baltic seaside, decorated, dao

Balancing Stones „Dao“

Product code: 392m.
Relaxing stones (7 pcs.) in the box. Handmade decorated by an artist, natural stones from Baltic seaside.
Size: 11x11x1,5 cm (box).

Price: 29,00 €

Kokeshi doll talisman, sculpture, ceramic, clay, awaji musubi knot

Kokeshi „Kiku-koto“

Product code: 391m.
Japanese style shingata kokeshi doll-talisman. Keramiplast clay. Handmade. Box decoration: japanese awaji-musubi knot.
Size: height – about 6 cm.

Made by order (249,00 €)

Talisman for home, agath, hand-painted mandala, Swarovski crystals

Talisman for home "Mandala"

Product code: 871bd.
Agate gemstone, handmade painted by an artist and decorated with Swarovski crystals.
Size on photo: 8 cm.
Symbols: agate, mandala.

Made by order (99,00 €)

Talisman for home, serpentine, handpainted on stone, Swarovski elements

Talisman "Wizard's Stone"

Product code: 878b.
Serpentine gemstone, handpainted and dekorated with Swarovski elements. Size: 4 cm.
Symbols: serpentine, mandala.

Price: 79,00 €

Dovana, medinė rankų darbo dėžutė su tapyta mandala, Taro kortoms

Box "Mandala"

Product code: 401m.

Wooden box. Hand painted and decorated.
Size: 13,8x8,8x5 cm.

Sold out

Gift, bird, clay, ceramic, gold, souvenir, sculpture, interior decoration

Sculpture „Bird of Happiness“

Product code: 388m.
Keramiplast clay. Handmade.
Height: about 5 cm.
Symbols: bird.

Made by order (199,00 €)

Baltas meškiukas, talismanas, skulptūrėlė iš molio

"Golden Bird"

Product code: 403m.

Keramiplast clay. Handmade.
Bird size: about 4 cm.

Made by order (199,00 €)