Everything begins from a white color and dreams...
We draw joy. We paint harmony. We invest in happiness and create miracles.
I.J.K. Design Gallery - values, which remain.

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"The most beautiful spring is kindness of the heart." – N. Lenau

We can enjoy the sun and and we can be the sun on our own, giving warm rays of kindness for other people. A goodly word, a smile, a little gift or a day, which we turn into a festivity – all this, like a spring, can wake up an asleep soul and it will bloom in a more beautiful way than flowers of the whole world.
Wedding invitations. Home talismans. Agate. Wedding gifts. Artworks with quote This spring we have prepared for you somethings, what can turn little things into big ones. If you would like your words will stay for long, eternize it on paper. An artwork with a significant quote, hanging at home or in your office, will recall something important and will motivate to pursue dreams. An invitation to a family festivity, a wedding or a stylish corporate birthday will give much more joy of waiting. Making a present of personal talisman for home, you will give a piece of happiness and harmony. Choosing a mysterious „Magic Evening“, you will color an exclusive time of a birthday or a hen party with colors of art and esotericism. May your spring be sunny!

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Things with legends

" is not just paper, ink, and glue. It is the possibility of a whole new life." – Christopher Morley.

A thousand miles journey begins with a single step, as Lao Dze said. Tiny, falling of the boundless sky, clear and pure rain droplets are able to draw a unique beauty of a rainbow. Great miracles are born from the smallest, sometimes even invisible things, happily surprising to depths of heart, and warming the soul.

I.J.K. Design Gallery - is a space, where art and miracles live. We believe in things warmth, meaningfulness, wisdom of the ancient, symbolic power, and subtle energy. We do not create legends – we are searching for them, we immerse in them, we create objects that bear the legends themselves, in this way changing the world. No matter, how you name them: happiness bearers, amulets, talismans or simply souvenirs. It is important that they will infuse shine your life, not only outside.

Intelligent beauty, luxury and naturalness - we create a happier world by hand...